Anne Sexton: Love Poems (1967)

Anne Sexton: Poemas de amor. Ben Clark (tr.). Ourense: Linteo, 2009. La poesía de Anne Sexton es suicida, sensual, apasionada y plena de metáforas de una enérgica potencia visual. THE TOUCH …And all this is metaphor. An ordinary hand – just lonely for something to touch that touches back… THE KISS My mouth blooms like a cut… THE BREAST …I am mad the way young girls are mad, with an offering, an offering… …I burn the way money burns… THE INTERROGATION OF THE MAN OF MANY HEARTS Man of many hearts, you are a fool! …and every bed has been condemned, not by morality … Continúa leyendo Anne Sexton: Love Poems (1967)